Beneficiary Applications

How You Can Get Help from The Auxtera Project

The Auxtera Project was created to ensure that a lack of digital forensic technology and trained personnel would not stand in the way of justice, the safety of children, or the protection of vulnerable populations.

If you are a charity, not-for-profit or a public sector organization (IE police agency or public defender) that requires digital forensic software and/or the services of a trained/experienced digital investigator, with demonstrable financial need, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page to apply.

What You Will Receive as a Beneficiary

The Auxtera Project will provide a complementary license of Magnet AXIOM, a digital investigation platform, including software updates and support, for up to one year*.  Beneficiaries seeking software will be required to confirm they have access to a technical digital investigator who will operate the software. Should an organization require technical assistance in conducting a digital investigation**, the Auxtera Project will facilitate an introduction to an available, pre-screened, trained/experienced volunteer***.  

Thank you again for your request to benefit from The Auxtera Project. If you have any questions, please visit our FAQ or reach out to

*Should a beneficiary require digital investigation software for more than 1 year, and continue to have demonstrable need, they will be eligible to re-apply to the Auxtera Project.

**Miscellaneous costs of conducting digital investigations, such as the utilization of other software tools, shipping of devices, and/or printing of reports/findings, will be the responsibility of the beneficiary and not covered by the Auxtera Project.   

***Volunteers are reserved the right to refuse specific voluntary work requested by beneficiaries of the program. Should this be the case, the Auxtera Project team will venture to find another qualified volunteer to consider supporting the beneficiary

Selecting Beneficiaries

The Auxtera Project will select beneficiaries based on a needs assessment. This will include: 1) the type(s) of investigation(s) the software and/or voluntary services will be used for and its alignment to the mission of the organization and 2) the financial need of the applying beneficiary. 

Given that there is a wide array of organizations in need of these types of services, the team at the Auxtera Project will use their discretion to select beneficiaries, based on the type of work being undertaken and the number of volunteers on hand to assist. Priority will be given to beneficiaries requiring software and/or voluntary services with demonstrable urgency.

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If your organization is in need, apply to benefit from The Auxtera Project below.


FAQ for Beneficiaries

What is the Auxtera Project?

The Auxtera Project is a charitable platform to get digital forensic software tools and voluntary services to those in need of them in the pursuit of justice and the safety of children and other vulnerable populations.  Services are provided by pre-vetted digital forensic professionals on a voluntary basis to qualified beneficiaries.

What does Auxtera mean?

The word Auxtera was created as part of this project to describe a cadre of volunteers bound by the pursuit of justice.  

Who can apply to be a beneficiary of the Auxtera Project?

The Auxtera Project will accept applications from potential beneficiaries such as non-profit, charitable, and public sector organizations (such ase.g., police agencies and public defenders) in financial need that are supporting vulnerable populations such as children, racial and ethnic minorities and those who are financially disadvantaged in the pursuit of justice.

What does the Auxtera Project provide beneficiaries?

All beneficiaries of the Auxtera Project will receive a 1-year license of Magnet Forensics’ digital investigation platform, Magnet AXIOM, including software maintenance and support. In addition to the software, beneficiaries in North America will be eligible to be matched with a volunteer from a roster of highly accomplished digital forensic examiners to help guide their investigations..   

Who are the Auxtera Project volunteers who provide digital forensic services?

The Auxtera Project volunteers are experienced digital forensics professionals interested in contributing their skills and experience towards the mission of the charitable initiative in North America (Canada/ United States). These volunteers have decades of combined experience in performing digital forensic investigations at leading public and private sector organizations. The full criteria of attributes of volunteers can be found here

I have an urgent need for digital forensics software and/or voluntary services - can the Auxtera Project help?

Organizations with an urgent need for digital forensics software and/or voluntary digital forensics services can have their application review expedited.  When filling out the application, there are sections allowing the potential beneficiary to highlight the urgency of their request. Please provide as much information as you’re able to describeing the urgency and the team at the Auxtera Project will address it as soon as possible.

Can I re-apply to the Auxtera Project for digital forensics software and/or voluntary services?

Yes, if an organization’s application is unsuccessful, they are welcome to re-submit an application for donated digital forensic software and/or volunteered services.  Successful beneficiaries who require digital forensic software and/or services beyond the 1-year license they are provided, specific voluntary engagement are welcome to re-apply and will be re-assessed based on their need and availability of resources.    

Who is liable for voluntary work done by the Auxtera Project volunteers?

In line with other standard independent consultant/contractor type agreements, the standard Auxtera Project terms require beneficiary organizations to indemnify volunteers for any claims arising out of the volunteer services. Beneficiaries are encouraged to investigate obtaining insurance to ensure they are protected.    

If I’m successful in my application for voluntary services, what am I required to do to have a volunteer help my organization?

After successfully applying for voluntary services, beneficiaries will be introduced to a volunteer from our pre-screened pool.  Beneficiary organizations and volunteers are responsible for determining the processes used for conducting investigations including the conduct of volunteers, tools used, method or reporting before the engagement commences.