Featured Volunteers

Volunteers for The Auxtera Project come from the digital forensics and incident response community 

They have confirmed their commitment to the mission of The Auxtera Project and are vetted by a committee to ensure they have the training, certification and experience to assist beneficiaries in a manner consistent to the vision for the project. Volunteers are presented opportunities to assist qualified beneficiaries with their technical skills and/or advisory services.

Trey Amick photo

Trey Amick

Trey Amick is a forensics investigator with a background in both law enforcement and corporate investigations. As a detective with the Rock Hill Police Department in South Carolina, Trey was sworn as a Special Deputy United States Marshal and supported the US Secret Service Electronic Crimes Task Force. Previously, he served in roles in both Patrol and Professional Standards. Most recently, as a corporate investigator, Trey managed the Enterprise Cyber Education and Awareness Team at Capital One, where he also served as part of the Cyber Technical Investigations Team. Trey is currently a Manager of Forensic Consultants at Magnet Forensics, where he assists in the development of Magnet AXIOM and provides skilled support to customers with his combined knowledge of AXIOM and digital forensics

Will Baggett photo

Will Baggett

Will served in the Intelligence Community during the Global War on Terror focused on HUMINT collection in the CIA and Incident Responder for the State Department prior to joining Revolutionary Security, part of Accenture as a Senior Cybersecurity Consultant focused on Insider Threat. He recently trained NATO Special Operations Forces in Europe and Canada for cyber collection and exploitation. In the private sector, he has performed ediscovery, data recovery, mobile forensic analysis and fatal automobile incident reconstruction forensic services. He is actively involved in the Digital Forensic effort to secure voting machines used in U.S. elections. Will is often interviewed by radio and television news sources as a mobile forensic subject matter expert. He has appeared as a speaker at DefCon 2019, multiple BSides events, HTCIA, the Diana Initiative conference, as well as at NATO SOF HQS, CANSOFCOM HQS and is the Director of Digital Forensics and Operational Security to Operation Safe Escape, providing assistance to domestic abuse victims seeking to cut the ties digitally to their abusers.

Alexis Brignoni photo

Alexis Brignoni

Alexis Brignoni has been serving the area of Orlando, Florida for the last 13 years as a Special Agent of a Federal Law Enforcement agency. A native of San Juan, Puerto Rico, he has a Bachelor's in Computer Science and an MBA in Management of Information Systems. Before working as a digital forensics examiner, he was a case agent tasked with investigating online crimes against children, network intrusions, intellectual property and online fraud among others. Currently holding multiple digital forensics certifications, Alexis Brignoni has been focused on mobile app digital forensics as an area of interest due to the ever-evolving challenge of parsing a never-ending stream of new applications for relevant data. He can be reached online via Twitter @AlexisBrignoni and on his blog at abrignoni.com.

Lodrina Cherne photo

Lodrina Cherne

Lodrina Cherne is a champion for security in the digital forensics and cybersecurity industries.  As Principal Security Advocate at Cybereason, she drives innovation and development of best practices related to cybersecurity standards and policy. Lodrina is also a Certified Instructor at the SANS Institute where she helps information security professionals advance their foundational understanding of digital forensics. Lodrina's role as a Researcher at the Technology & Social Change Project at Harvard Kennedy School’s Shorenstein Center also works to frame technology in the public discourse about the reliability of information online. Lodrina has earned a bachelor's degree in Computer Science from Boston University and has continued her education by earning the GCFE, GCFA, and GASF certifications from GIAC.

Throughout her 15 years in cybersecurity, Lodrina has been able to fight for people wrongly impacted by technology including as a volunteer for Operation Safe Escape which helps educate and empower victims of domestic violence with digital safety. In addition, her work investigating the “Sledgehammer” case in Turkey helped acquit more than 200 foreign imprisoned senior military officers after showing that the electronic documents used to indict them were forged

Jessica Hyde photo

Jessica Hyde

Jessica Hyde is an experienced forensic examiner in both the commercial and government sectors. She is currently the Director of Forensics at Magnet Forensics and an Adjunct Professor teaching Mobile Forensics in the graduate program at George Mason University, where she achieved an MS in Computer Forensics. She is also involved in several community efforts including as Chair of DFIR Review, 1st Vice President of the New York Metro High Tech Crime International Association chapter, advisory board for Cyber Sleuths Lab, Governance Committee Director for the Cyber-investigation Analysis Standard Expression, and a member of the Editorial Board for the Forensic Science International: Digital Investigations Journal.   Her previous roles included performing forensic examinations as a Sr. Mobile Exploitation Analyst for Basis Technology, Senior at EY, and Senior Electrical Engineer at American Systems. Jessica is also proud to be a veteran of the United States Marine Corps.

Jad Saliba photo

Jad Saliba

Jad Saliba is a former digital forensics investigator who left policing in 2011 to devote all of his time to developing software solutions that dramatically improve the process of recovering and analyzing Internet evidence left behind. He has since dedicated his efforts to building Magnet Forensics and developing Magnet IEF into a thorough and easy-to-use software solution that recovers Internet-related artifacts from computers, smartphones and tablets. As Magnet Forensics’ CTO, Jad is focused on researching new methods of recovering and analyzing all types of evidence for digital forensics investigations. His goal remains to create the best Internet forensics tools possible—helping those in the trenches make a difference in their communities.

Lee Whitfield photo

Lee Whitfield

Lee is a digital forensic consultant and analyst for his own company, 337 Forensics.  He has covered a wide array of situations during his time as a forensic investigator, everything from child abuse, intellectual property theft, attempted murder, and much more. One of his greatest successes was his work on reverse engineering Volume Shadow Copies, which had been a stumbling block for forensic investigators. Due to Lee's work and innovation, access and time to locate files were greatly reduced, essentially allowing a forensic investigator to view the computer's contents from days, weeks, or even months before, including old or deleted files.  Lee is a Senior Technical Adviser for the SANS Research and Operation Center and hosts the Forensic 4:cast podcast and awards event.